“I have been training with Lynndell for close to a year. I found her to be very knowledgeable in her field and she quickly understood my goals and has continually provided advice and varied programs. She uses a holistic approach, incorporating flexibility, strength, posture, balance, and endurance along with promoting a healthy eating regime. She is encouraging without being “soft” on me. Lynndell constantly motivates me to push through personal boundaries and reach new heights. Most importantly, she ensures I am completing the exercises correctly and reinforces how it will benefit me. The results have been significant. I am leaner, more toned, and far fitter than before. Personal training is one of the best investments I have ever made because it never stops producing results!” [Renato Zini]

“Very few people have impacted my life like Lynndell has. I'm stronger, happier and healthier!” [Andrew Watson]

“Finally I've found a trainer who can motivate me as well as give me the skills to build some muscle and loose some weight that still lingered from last Christmas. Lynndell listens well and customized the training for my specific needs and time availability.” [Ying Yang]