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Something for everyone and every budget


Group Program

COST: 199.00 plus GST for 6 weeks

Looking to get in better shape but are lacking time and funds! No problem. You can choose a 6 week online group program designed to get you results in a short amount of time.

This program is designed to work for all fitness levels and help you reach your goals of trimming inches, getting stronger, and gaining lean body shaping muscle.

Included in the program:

  • Home or gym workouts complete with video examples
  • Exclusive access to the Popoff Fitness, Yoga and Nutrition App
  • Customized diet for you along with example meal plans to follow
  • Regular check-ins & progress assessments
  • Access to the group page for tips, tricks & support with daily posts by Lynndell

On average clients lose 8-10 lbs and 6 to 9 inches in just 6 weeks of this program, it’s a great way to kick start a new routine or shake things up to keep you inspired!

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COST: 1 hour ($30.00 - refundable upon purchase of an online or one on one training package) - SKYPE or phone

Talk one-on-one with me, Lynndell, to discuss your goals, ask questions, and we can get to know each other. Every client is unique and I believe the relationship between your Personal Trainer & you is an extremely important factor to your success. If you feel more comfortable chatting and having the opportunity to get to know me before beginning your online program then this is perfect for you. If we have already met and you know enough to feel comfortable, skip this step and move right into your online program so we can get started!

If you’re not interested in purchasing a package just yet, but want to get together to talk nutrition, training, and all things health and fitness that relate to your lifestyle here is your opportunity to ask me almost anything. (Total cost of consultation will be refunded upon the purchase of one of the following packages.)

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12 Week Training Package

COST: $175 ($75 first payment, $50 following two payments) OR $150 Paid in full.

Receive individualized training programs developed specifically for you every four weeks. I will develop a training program created to help you achieve your health and fitness goals and provide you with an updated workout plan including weight training and cardio prescriptions every four weeks for a total of three personalized training plans. At the end of each 4 week period you will check in via e-mail to provide progress updates and receive a new and improved program to get you one step closer to success! (Includes follow up support via e-mail and 3 email check-ins.)

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12 Week Training Plan with Nutrition (with weekly check-ins)

COST: $250 every 4 weeks or $700 pre-paid, $200 every 4 weeks thereafter (price after 12 weeks is discounted in appreciation for dedication and loyalty.

My most elite of all packages, is a combination of personalized nutrition and training with weekly check ins via my training app. This allows me to see the whole picture to better assist you in reaching your fitness goals. By receiving weekly progress updates from you via my training app and email I am able to make adjustments to nutrition and training programs as necessary. Diet and training are changed typically every 4 weeks, but dependent on progress can be adjusted as necessary in order to provide variety in nutrition. Some adjustments to training and cardio will also be made in order to avoid potential plateaus. (Includes follow up support via email and weekly email check ins from me!)

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12 Week Nutrition AND Training Plan (with once-monthly check-ins)

COST: $175 every 4 weeks or $450 pre-paid.

This combination of personalized nutrition and training with monthly check ins is a great option for potentially transitioning out of or into weekly check ins. By receiving once monthly progress updates from you via email I am able to make adjustments to nutrition and training programs as needed, providing you a new nutrition and training plan once every 4 weeks. (Includes follow up support via email and monthly email check-ins.)

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Note: All packages purchased are final purchase with no refunds, with the exception of the initial consultation with the purchase of one of the above program packages.

One-on-One Personal Training


As a Personal Trainer my focus is on specializing in helping Mom’s age 30 to 45 to improve their energy, confidence and trim up. With my online and one on one training programs I want to provide the flexibility and most cost effective way for busy busy moms carve out time in their busy lives to find time to get fit and still stick to their budget! With your individual health requirements and fitness goals in mind, as a certified fitness trainer I will help you achieve optimal results.

Each personal training session is an hour-long 1 on 1 session with me, Lynndell Popoff. The program will be designed and adapted to suit your ever changing fitness level and coordination. Want to test the waters in the world of fitness and start slowly? Are you already working out and looking to amp up your program and really increase the challenge? Let’s meet for a consultation and determine your goals and start at whatever pace suits your needs and timeline.

It is proven that an individual will achieve 80% better results by working with a partner or fitness professional as opposed to working out alone. Each training program is designed to focus on the goals,health and timeline for each individual client. Each program can be customized to meet specific goals like:

  • Weight loss
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Strength
  • Weight gain (if you’re looking to build muscle)
  • Stress relief

Put your own oxygen mask on first to be better equipped for your job, friends, family and kids. The hand that rocks the cradle can also rock the world, let’s get started … you got this girl! It is never too late to take that first step!