About The EDGE

The EDGE (Every Day Grace Experience) is a community of folks who believe that institutional, rule-based, exclusionary religion is harmful to our spiritual well-being. Participants of The EDGE are all students, eager to learn, we are guided by the principles of grace and love, and we are committed to the idea that worship begins with how we treat others. We cannot be at peace with God when we are filled with hate, jealousy, and unforgiveness towards one another.

Our Pastor

Pastor Colin has been in full time ministry since 1985. He shares his passion for the Canadian Rocky Mountains with his wife Beverley. Together they embrace the challenge of supporting the spiritual development of all who wish to be transformed by the renewing, healing, and perfecting work of God in us, as revealed by Jesus of Nazareth.

We are also fortunate to be served by our Elder, Emily Lukacik, a responsible Executive Council, a talented worship team, and a group of dedicated volunteers.

What we believe

Beliefs often morph into convictions, and convictions are, and have historically been, the source of a great deal of conflict. When we "own" our beliefs we can feel personally attacked when others oppose those beliefs. Possession and enforcement of a belief system cannot ever be a path to peace or truth.

Rather than the standard religious control methods of indoctrination and forced uniformity, at The EDGE, we encourage maturity by supporting the transforming work of God within us, thus we merely provide an important framework for belief within which each person can learn and grow as they experience God in spirit, scripture, creation and each other. No person who joins us on this journey of discovery will ever be asked to agree with the beliefs of any other.

Above all else, we believe that Jesus gave us a revelation of God's love, and the fruit of love will determine whether our actions, beliefs, claims and Scriptures are true and authoritative as an accurate representation of the mind of God. Whenever the divine being is identified with hatred, abuse, rejection, slaughter, corruption or violence, even in the Holy Bible, we reject those characteristics as being antithetical to the God revealed by Jesus.

We do not believe in calcified and immovable creeds, formulas and policies which comprise the shells of tombs which contain the bones of dead religion.


  1. There is only one God who is the source of all life and is beyond our ability to limit or define in created terms.
  2. We can experience a self-revelation of God via a) Inspiration & Insight, b) Creation, c) Inspired Writings, and d) Faith
  3. We are born innocent, with the need to be both selfish (caring for one's own need to survive and thrive), and community-minded (loving). When these two needs are in balance we are in good spiritual and psychological health.
  4. Sin is a state of being in which our need to act with love to the community is subsumed by our selfish urges.
  5. When we are in a state of Sin we require restoration and healing - repentance and forgiveness achieves this.
  6. The fully righteous man, Jesus, was anointed and chosen to be the means by which healing and new life would come to all.
  7. We are free in Christ. Free from religion, independant from the domination of any who stand between us and God. Free to serve from the heart rather than from obligation or legal requirement. Galatians 5:14 "For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: "Love your neighbor as yourself."


Join us on Sunday, July 23, 2017 at Fish Creek Park, Glenfield B. Our meeting will begin at 11:00am.

This week: "Grace for Self" by Colin Wallace

JULY 23 Colin Wallace Fish Creek Park - BBQ & Service
JULY 30 Joe Kitt  

AUGUST 13 Colin Wallace  
AUGUST 20 Colin Wallace Fish Creek Park - BBQ & Service
AUGUST 27 Emily Lukacik  

SEPTEMBER 10 Colin Wallace  
SEPTEMBER 17 Colin Wallace  
SEPTEMBER 24 Emily Lukacik  

Messages 2017

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The Power of Hope Colin Wallace April 15
What Really Happened on the Cross? Emily Lukacik April 08
The Foundations of Christianity Colin Wallace April 01
Because He is Liberal Emily Lukacik January 22
Lord of Hosts?: Part V Colin Wallace January 15
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Messages 2016

Virgin Birth and Genetics Colin Wallace December 18
Abraham and 3 Religious Branches - Part III: Islam Emily Lukacik December 11
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Here a Little, There a Little Colin Wallace November 13
Praying and Prayer - Breathing with God Michael Zwiers November 06
Crazy Things said by Paul Colin Wallace October 30
The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit Colin Wallace October 23
Abraham and 3 Religious Branches - Part II: Christianity Emily Lukacik October 16
Dispense with Dispensationalism Colin Wallace October 09
Reading The Bible Through Ancient Eyes Colin Wallace September 18
Abraham and 3 Religious Branches - Part I: Judaism Emily Lukacik September 11
True Religion Colin Wallace September 04
In Praise of Reason in the Pursuit of Truth - part II Colin Wallace August 28
Symbols, Parables, and Christ in Scriptures Michael Zwiers August 14
In Praise of Reason in the Pursuit of Truth - part I Colin Wallace August 07
Knock, Knock! Eric Rasmussen July 31
The Receiving Line Emily Lukacik July 17
Hell Bent - part IV Colin Wallace July 10
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Hell Bent - part II Colin Wallace June 12
Christianity in 7 Greatness Chapters - part II Emily Lukacik June 05
Hell Bent - part I Colin Wallace May 29
Original Sin - part III Colin Wallace May 22
Original Sin - part II Colin Wallace May 15
Learning To Be Mothers: Supporting the Father's Family Joe Kitt May 08
Original Sin - part I Colin Wallace May 01
Christianity in 7 Greatness Chapters - part I Emily Lukacik April 24
Origins - part V Colin Wallace April 17
Origins - part IV Colin Wallace April 03
Messianic Disappointments Colin Wallace March 27
Origins - part III Colin Wallace March 20
Origins - part II
- Contemporary Creation Myths PDF
Colin Wallace March 06
Origins - part I
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The Stages of Faith - part II, Conversion Emily Lukacik February 21
SALVE-ation - part II Colin Wallace February 14
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The Not Forgotten Eric Rasmussen January 31
My Journey With Christ Dr. Michael Zwiers January 24
The Mythology of Myths Colin Wallace January 17
Mythmaking and Mythbusting Colin Wallace January 03

Messages 2015

The Stages of Faith - Part I Emily Lukacik December 13
The Logos of Plato Becomes Flesh Colin Wallace December 06
1440 and the end of Innocent Ignorance - Part II Colin Wallace November 15
1440 and the end of Innocent Ignorance - Part I Colin Wallace November 08
How the Bible Became Holy - Part IX Colin Wallace October 25
How the Bible Became Holy - Part VIII Colin Wallace October 18
Things That Go Bump Emily Lukacik October 11
Thanksgiving - The Quail & the Plague Colin Wallace October 04
God's Law of Love Dr. Michael Zwiers September 27
How the Bible Became Holy - Part VII Colin Wallace September 20
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Christians - A People With Hope Gary Moore July 12
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What Kids Need Most From Dads Colin Wallace June 21
How the Bible Became Holy - Part III Colin Wallace June 07
How the Bible Became Holy - Part II Colin Wallace May 31
Building on the Solid Rock Joe Kitt May 24
How the Bible Became Holy - Part I Colin Wallace May 17
Willingness - an Attitude Emily Lukacik May 10
Beyond Happiness - Part II Colin Wallace May 03
Beyond Happiness - Part I Colin Wallace April 26
The Holy Who? The Holy What? Part IV Colin Wallace April 12
What Goes With Lamb? Colin Wallace April 05
The God Who Would Be Man
Watch Video of Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot..."
Eric Rasmussen March 29
The Holy Who? The Holy What? Part III Colin Wallace March 22
The Holy Who? The Holy What? Part II Colin Wallace March 15
The Holy Who? The Holy What? Part I Colin Wallace March 08
Conflict Slacktivism Colin Wallace February 22
Meditation - Think It Over Colin Wallace February 15
The Dangers of Orthodoxy - Part II Colin Wallace February 01
The Dangers of Orthodoxy - Part I Colin Wallace January 25
Free Willing Colin Wallace January 18
Answering the other BIG Question Colin Wallace January 04

Messages 2014

Answering the BIG Question Colin Wallace December 28
The Logos - The Greatest Gift Colin Wallace December 21
...Then There Was Light Emily Lukacik December 14
Is Israel the Holy Land? Part 2 Colin Wallace November 30
Is Israel the Holy Land? Part 1 Colin Wallace November 23
The Last Judge and the End of an Era - Part 2 Colin Wallace November 16
The Last Judge and the End of an Era - Part 1 Colin Wallace November 09
Reform, Reform, and Reform Again Colin Wallace October 26
Thanksgiving: E-Quality & the Rats from God Colin Wallace October 12
When We Disagree... Colin Wallace October 05
Ruth and the Guardian Redeemer - part II Colin Wallace September 14
Ruth and the Guardian Redeemer - part I Colin Wallace September 07
Fulfillment in Forgiveness Emily Lukacik August 17
Joseph: The Free-Thinking Levite Colin Wallace August 10
Joseph: The Saviour of Israel - part 2 Colin Wallace August 03
Joseph: The Saviour of Israel - part 1 Colin Wallace July 27
Joseph: A Coat Too Bright? Colin Wallace July 13
Esau: The Unwanted Son Colin Wallace July 06
Hey Jude Colin Wallace June 08
Hosea: Acceptance of the Least Likely Colin Wallace June 01
Simon Megas: Sorcerer, Scapegoat and Scarecrow Colin Wallace May 25
Saul: Be Careful What You Ask For Colin Wallace May 18
Mother's Day: You Are Loved Emily Lukacik May 11
Belshazzar: The Profane and Sacrilegious Colin Wallace May 04
Prisca and Aquila: Travelling Tent Makers & Church Builders Colin Wallace April 27
Judas: Who Has Condemned You? Colin Wallace April 20
Noah and the Deluge - Pt. 2 Colin Wallace April 13
Noah and the Deluge - Pt. 1 Colin Wallace April 06
Malachi's Misunderstood Message Colin Wallace March 23
Esther: A Jewish Queen in Persia Colin Wallace March 16
Job and the Holocaust Colin Wallace March 09
Isaiah: Divine interpreter of the religious meaning of political events Colin Wallace March 02
Samson: Playing With Fire Colin Wallace February 23
Abraham: A Slow Road To Faith Colin Wallace February 16
Jonah: Pity for the Gourds Colin Wallace February 02
David and Joab: Politics and the Will of God Colin Wallace January 26
CHARACTERS - Who and What is God? Colin Wallace January 12
Theme for 2014 - CHARACTERS Colin Wallace January 05

News & Events

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  • Now meeting at Lakeview United Church at 2:30pm on Sundays


  • Fish Creek Park - Outdoor Service: Sunday, July 23
  • Fish Creek Park - Outdoor Service: Sunday, August 20